ТОВ "Промислова автоматизація" постачає промислове обладнання та електронні компоненти для автоматизації технологічних процесів, будівель і споруд, машинобудівних комплексів.


FC5101, FC5102 | PCI CANopen


The FC510x PC plug-in cards link the PC to a CANopen network. They optionally act as network master or slave. In addition, general CAN messages can be sent or received – without having to bother with CAN frames in the application program. The cards provide a powerful implementation of the protocol, offering many desirable features:

  • All CANopen PDO communication types are supported: event driven, time driven (using an event timer), synchronous, polling.
  • individual monitoring of the process data objects
  • synchronisation with the PC controller’s task cycle
  • SYNC cycle with quartz precision for drive synchronisation, zero cumulative jitter
  • SDO parameter communication at start-up and run-time
  • emergency message handling
  • Guarding and Heartbeat
  • boot-up according to DS302
  • powerful parameter and diagnostics interfaces
  • The error management for each bus user is freely configurable.
  • It is possible to read the bus configuration and the node parameters.
  • online bus load display
  • bus monitor functionality

In TwinCAT, all functions are conveniently available.


Technical data FC5101 FC5102
Fieldbus CANopen
Number of fieldbus channels 1 2
Data transfer rates 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1,000 kbaud
Interface to the PC plug-and-play PCI interface 32 bit with 4 kbyte DPRAM per channel
Bus interface D-sub connector, 9-pin according to CANopen specification, galvanically decoupled
Communication CANopen network master and CANopen manager, optionally CANopen slave
Bus device per channel: max. 127 slaves
Termination resistor switchable
Hardware diagnosis 2 LEDs per channel
Bit width in the process image total max.: 3 kbyte input and output data
Dimensions approx. 106 mm x 175 mm
Operating temperature 0…+55 °C
Ordering information FC5101-000x FC5102-000x
FC510x-0000 standard configuration
FC510x-0002 configuration with 32 kbytes NOVRAM
TwinCAT I/O I/O driver
Cordsets cordsets and connectors
CANopen For further CANopen products please see the system overview.