ТОВ "Промислова автоматизація" постачає промислове обладнання та електронні компоненти для автоматизації технологічних процесів, будівель і споруд, машинобудівних комплексів.


AM31xx | Synchronous Servomotors


Motor series for the EL7201 servo terminal

Beckhoff extends its range of motors with the AM3100 series. These pole-wound servomotors with maximum torque yield are designed for operation with the Beckhoff EL7201 servo terminal. The series covers three types with rated outputs of 50 W (rated voltage 24 V DC) as well as 90 W and 130 W (rated voltage 48 V DC).

In the standard version, the AM3100 servomotors are equipped with a resolver and a smooth shaft. They can be optionally equipped with a holding brake, even in the smallest size. Planetary gears and ready-made connecting cables are available as accessories.

The high dynamics of the AM3100 servomotors open up a multitude of possible applications: for example, in industrial robots for pick-and-place applications or in general mechanical engineering, where a compact design and high positioning accuracy are necessary.

The Beckhoff TwinCAT automation software enables the convenient parameterisation of the servomotors.



  • salient pole-wound synchronous servo motors
  • stall torque 0.16 to 0.65 Nm
  • windings optimised for operation in combination with our EL7201 servo terminal
  • IP 65 housing for almost all applications
  • optional backlash-free permanent magnetic brake
  • low cogging due to symmetrical magnetic structure
  • low rotor inertia
  • Use of ring magnets reduces the rotor inertia and ensures safe magnetic fixing for high speeds.
  • high overload capacity
  • Connection via plug and ready-prepared cable facilitates wiring.
  • suitable planetary gears available

AM31uv-wxyz-000a Standstill torque Standstill current Rated speed at rated supply voltage Rotor moment of inertia
24 V DC 48 V DC
AM3111-0300-0001 0.16 Nm 3.22 A 3000 min-1 5000 min-1 0.026 kg cm²
AM3111-0301-0001 0.16 Nm 3.22 A 3000 min-1 5000 min-1 0.04 kg cm²
AM3112-0400-0001 0.32 Nm 3.4 A 1500 min-1 3500 min-1 0.046 kg cm²
AM3112-0401-0001 0.32 Nm 3.4 A 1500 min-1 3500 min-1 0.06 kg cm²
AM3121-0200-0001 0.65 Nm 4.6 A 900 min-1 2000 min-1 0.13 kg cm²
AM3121-0201-0001 0.65 Nm 4.6 A 900 min-1 2000 min-1 0.18 kg cm²

u: flange code

v: motor length

Option w = 0: smooth shaft

Option x = key number for rated speed

Option y = 0: resolver

Option z = 0: without holding brake

z = 1: with holding brake

Option a = 1: cable 0.3 m, with iTec plug for power, M12 plug for feedback