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KS2000-Zx-USB | USB cable for the connection between PC and fieldbus components


The further development of PC technology and the establishment of new standards sometimes makes older technologies redundant. One example is the common serial RS232 interface, which is increasingly replaced by USB technology. In line with this development, the USB KS2000 cable is now available. The KS2000 cable establishes a connection between the fieldbus components and the PC. It can be used for parametering Bus Terminals or Bus Couplers, local diagnostics, forcing Bus Terminal data, monitoring Bus Terminal values, updating firmware and programming Beckhoff mini PLCs via TwinCAT. The USB cable is available in two versions: KS2000-Z2-USB is used for the connection between a PC and a Bus Couplers from the BK, BC and LC series; KS2000-Z3-USB for the connection with Fieldbus Box modules. The USB cable features electrical isolation. Status LEDs indicate whether data are sent or received. On the connected PC the USB cable behaves like a COM port and can therefore be used for all Beckhoff tools using serial communication.


Ordering information 
KS2000-Z2-USB connection cable for KS2000 or TwinCAT for serial conversion from USB for BK, BC, LC Couplers, length 3 m
KS2000-Z3-USB connection cable for KS2000 or TwinCAT for serial conversion from USB for Fieldbus Box, lenght 3 m



USB driver KS2000-Z2/Z3-USB cable, USB driver