поставляет промышленное оборудование и электронные компоненты для автоматизации технологических процессов, зданий и сооружений, машиностроительных комплексов.


C9900-H35x | USB sticks

The USB stick replaces the floppy disk drive for the exchange of data between PCs that are not networked with one another. With a storage capacity one thousand times larger than a floppy disk and a speed similar to a hard disk, the hot-plug capable data storage device is in demand everywhere PCs are used. The USB stick can also be used for data backups. A 2 GB USB stick can store the contents of three CDs, whereby the housing of the Beckhoff stick is so small that no collision with adjacent USB plugs occurs, even when the USB sockets are arranged directly alongside one another. Together with the USB extension comprised of the CU8800 and CU8850, a USB stick can be operated at a distance of 50 m from the PC. In the case of systems with a detached DVI/USB Control Panel, a USB stick can be plugged into either the PC or the Control Panel as desired.

Ordering information USB sticks
C9900-H351 USB stick, 1 GB, USB 2.0
C9900-H352 USB stick, 2 GB, USB 2.0
C9900-H356 USB stick, 4 GB, USB 2.0
C9900-H359 USB stick, 8 GB, USB 2.0