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ET9400 | EtherCAT conformance test tool

The Conformance Test Tool (CTT) enables in-house testing of EtherCAT slave devices. Use of the ET9400 tool during the development of an EtherCAT device assists in ensuring conformity and in preparing the device for the official, independent conformance test in an accredited EtherCAT Test Center (ETC) of the EtherCAT Technology Group.

The ET9400 tool requires a standard PC with Windows OS; special hardware is not required. The EtherCAT frames for stimulation of the device under test are sent via the standard Ethernet port. The tool processes the standard test cases supplied (XML files) sequentially. In this way, extensions of the test cases are possible without modifying the EtherCAT conformance test tool itself. The official test cases can be supplemented by their own routines. Test results and remarks are shown in a logger window and can in turn be saved as XML files. The tool also tests the electronic description of the EtherCAT device (EtherCAT slave information, ESI) and includes an editor for this file format, in order to be able to process the ESI file temporarily for test purposes. EEPROM (Slave Information Interface, SII) data can also be read, edited and written. Besides the items described above, the following items are also tested, among others:

  • consistency check of CoE object directory, SII and ESI
  • plausibility of device description information from SII and ESI
  • test of EtherCAT State Machine (ESM)
  • mailbox communication using SoE and CoE

Real-time behaviour in relationship to distributed clocks (DC) cannot be tested using the ET9400, because a real-time-capable master with DC support is required for this.


Ordering information  
ET9400 1-year licence for using the EtherCAT conformance test tool