ТОВ "Промислова автоматизація" постачає промислове обладнання та електронні компоненти для автоматизації технологічних процесів, будівель і споруд, машинобудівних комплексів.


EL6601, EL6614 | Ethernet switch port terminals

The EL6614 Ethernet switch port terminal is a decentralised switch that gets power from the E-bus. It relays the frames received from the ports to the destination ports. In full duplex mode, it thus enables collision-free communication of the connected devices with each other.

The switch port terminals can be installed at any location within the EtherCAT strand. No configuration is required.

Further benefits underline the particular suitability for the application in industrial environments:

  • compact design in EtherCAT Terminal housing
  • 10/100 Mbaud, half or full duplex, with automatic baud rate detection
  • support for network variables


Technical data EL6601 EL6614
Number of Ethernet ports 1 4
Bus system all Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)-based protocols, store and forward switching mode
Ethernet interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet with 1 x RJ 45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet with 4 x RJ 45
Data transfer rates 10/100 Mbit/s, IEEE 802.3u auto-negotiation, half or full duplex at 10 and 100 Mbit/s possible, automatic settings
Cable length up to 100 m twisted pair
Hardware diagnosis status LEDs
Power supply via the E-bus
Distributed clocks
Electrical isolation 500 V (E-bus/Ethernet)
Protocol all Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)-based protocols, store and forward switching mode
Configuration no
Current consumption power contacts
Current consumption E-bus typ. 310 mA typ. 450 mA
Special features support of RT Ethernet, publisher/subscriber, DHCP/BootP address allovation (1 device)
Weight approx. 75 g approx. 95 g
Operating/storage temperature 0…+55 °C/-25…+85 °C
Relative humidity 95 %, no condensation
Vibration/shock resistance conforms to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27/29
EMC immunity/emission conforms to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4
Protect. class/installation pos. IP 20/variable IP 20/see documentation
Approvals CE, UL, Ex

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