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AL24xx | Linear Servomotors


The 3-phase synchronous Linear Servomotors AL2400 expand the smaller performance product range. These Linear Servomotors are particularly suitable for tight installation situations. The coil unit contains a grooved, laminated core with inlaid copper windings. It is generally used as the moving part. The magnet plate contains the steel plate to which the permanent magnets are fixed.

The AL2400 series consists of two different motors, both having exactly the same width of 51 mm. This means that all the motors can be operated using the same magnet plates. There are three different lengths of magnet plates that can be combined in any desired way. The magnet plates are fully sealed and therefore have an almost perfectly level and robust surface.

The coil units are also potted, satisfy protection class IP 64, and are therefore suitable for use in aggressive environments. Coil units are fitted with a 0.5 m cable bundle and optionally with pre-assembled connectors, so that they can be quickly connected to the connector box or the Servo Drive via plugged connections. This greatly reduces the difficulty of implementing the cabling, and makes a significant contribution to avoiding errors.

In combination with the Servo Drives AX2xxx or AX5000, the AL2xxx series linear motors are particularly suitable for dynamic movements where high acceleration is required over short distances.

All linear motors of the series AL2xxx have the same magnet pitch (24 mm).

The motor connection is compatible with the other types of the AL2xxx series.



  • speeds of 8 m/s
  • accelerations up to 30 g
  • peak forces of 120 N to 240 N
  • no mechanical wear
  • complete absence of backlash, giving stiff control response
  • extremely precise positioning, high repeatability
  • direct force, little latching force
  • very low thermal resistance, allowing high capacity utilisation
  • protection from thermal overload through integrated temperature sensors
  • Operation with the AX2xxx/AX5000 is made extremely simple through default values.
  • connection to the AX2xxx/AX5000 through pre-assembled cables


Scaleless feedback system for Linear Servomotors

The MES system registers the magnetic field of the permanent magnets of the magnet plate. It sends, with the aid of built-in electronics, encoder signals for commutation as well as speed and position control to the AX2xxx/AX5000 series Servo Drive. The MES provides one sine wave per 24 mm pole pitch and a precision of 1/10 mm.


Connector box

As a further accessory, Beckhoff offers an adapter box with motor, feedback and thermal protection line connected on one side. The pre-assembled motor and encoder lines can be attached on the other side.


AL2403 51 mm 93 mm 40 mm
AL2406 51 mm 143 mm 40 mm


Technical drawings

Technical dataAL2403AL2406
Motor configuration 3-phase synchronous Linear Servomotors (400…480 V AC)
Peak force 3 sec. (FP) 120 N 240 N
Peak current (IPa) 3.9 A 7.9 A
Continuous force with air cooling (Fca) 45 N 90 N
Continuous current (Ica) 1.6 A 3.1 A
Continuous power loss (Pca) 55 W 110 W
Force constant (Kf) 39 N/A
Motor constant (Km) 90 N²/W 180 N²/W
Magnet pitch 24 mm
Winding resistance per phase (Rf) 5.6 Ω 2.8 Ω
Winding inductance per phase (Lf) 35 mH 18 mH
Thermal resistance (Rth) 1.4 °C/W 0.7 °C/W
Magnetic attraction force (Fa) 270 N 490 N
Weight of the coil (Mp) 0.55 kg 0.9 kg
Air gap with cover 0.4 mm
Temperature sensor PTC 1 kΩ
Corresponding Servo Drive AX25x3 | AX2003
AX25x3/AX25x6 | AX2003/AX2006
Ordering informationAL240x-000x-000y coil unit
AL2403-0001-000y Linear Servomotor, 230 V, FP = 120 N, IP = 3.9 Arms
AL2406-0001-000y Linear Servomotor, 230 V, FP = 240 N, IP = 7.9 Arms

S type, max. 8 m/s

Option y = 0: without connector plug, y = 1: with connector plugs (motor and temperature)

Ordering informationAL25xx-0000 magnet plate
AL2510-0000 magnetic assembly (lb = 96 mm, weight 2.1 kg/m), for AL24xx motors
AL2520-0000 magnetic assembly (lb = 144 mm, weight 2.1 kg/m), for AL24xx motors
AL2530-0000 magnetic assembly (lb = 384 mm, weight 2.1 kg/m), for AL24xx motors