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BK5150, BK5151 | CANopen “Compact” Bus Couplers

The “Compact” Bus Coupler BK5150 for CANopen extends the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system by a cost-optimised version in a compact housing. Up to 64 Bus Terminals are supported; with the terminal bus extension, up to 255 Bus Terminals can be connected. The CANopen Bus Coupler offers automatic baud rate detection up to 1 Mbaud and two address selection switches for address assignment. A 5-pin connector for the fieldbus connection is included in the scope of supply. Optionally, the ZS1052-3000 connector with integrated terminating resistor can be connected.

In contrast to the BK5150, the BK5151 has a 9-pin D-sub connector as a bus interface.


System data  
Number of I/O stations 64 (255 with K-bus extension)
Number of I/O points depends on the structure
Data transfer medium screened, twisted copper cable, 2 x signal, 1 x ground (recommended)
Max. cable length 5,000 m 2,500 m 1,000 m 500 m 250 m 100 m 40 m
Data transfer rates 10 kbaud 20 kbaud 50 kbaud 100/125 kbaud 250 kbaud 500 kbaud 1,000 kbaud
PDO modes synchron, cyclic, event driven, polling



Technical data  
Number of Bus Terminals 64 (255 with K-bus extension)
Max. number of bytes fieldbus 16 Tx/Rx PDOs
Number of PDOs (CANopen) 16 Tx/Rx PDOs
Additional CANopen features life, node guarding, emergency object, variable mapping, store/restore
Data transfer rates automatic detection up to 1 Mbaud
Bus interface open style connector, 5-pin
Power supply 24 V DC (-15 %/+20 %)
Serial interface configuration interface
Diagnostics LED 2 x power supply, 2 x K-bus, 2 x fieldbus
Current supply K-bus 1,000 mA
Weight approx. 100 g
Operating/storage temperature 0…+55 °C/-25…+85 °C
Relative humidity 95 %, no condensation
Vibration/shock resistance conforms to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27
EMC immunity/emission conforms to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4
Protect. class/installation pos. IP 20/variable
Approvals CE, UL, Ex



KS2000 configuration software for extended parameterisation
Cordsets cordsets and connectors
FC510x PC Fieldbus Cards with PCI interface



Ordering information  
BK5150 CANopen “Compact” Bus Coupler for up to 64 Bus Terminals (255 with K-bus extension)
BK5151 CANopen “Compact” Bus Coupler for up to 64 Bus Terminals (255 with K-bus extension)
BK5110 CANopen Coupler for up to 64 digital Bus Terminals
BK5120 CANopen “Economy plus” Bus Coupler for up to 64 Bus Terminals (255 with K-bus extension); still available: BK5100
LC5100 CANopen “Low Cost” Bus Coupler for up to 64 digital Bus Terminals (255 with K-bus extension)
BC5150, BX5100 CANopen “Compact” Bus Terminal Controller for up to 64 Bus Terminals (255 with K-bus extension)
CX8051 CANopen Embedded PC